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Booting and Shutting Down Oracle Solaris 11.1 Systems     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Booting and Shutting Down a System (Overview)

2.  x86: Administering the GRand Unified Bootloader (Tasks)

3.  Shutting Down a System (Tasks)

Shutting Down a System

Guidelines for Shutting Down a System

System Shutdown Commands

Shutting Down a System

How to Determine Who Is Logged in to the System

How to Shut Down a System by Using the shutdown Command

How to Shut Down a Stand-Alone System by Using the init Command

Turning Off Power to System Devices

4.  Booting a System (Tasks)

5.  Booting a System From the Network (Tasks)

6.  Troubleshooting Booting a System (Tasks)


Chapter 3

Shutting Down a System (Tasks)

This chapter provides overview and task-related information for shutting down an Oracle Solaris system. Any information in this chapter that applies only to SPARC or x86 based systems is identified as such.

This a list of the information that is in this chapter:

For overview information about booting a system, see Chapter 1, Booting and Shutting Down a System (Overview).