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Adding and Updating Oracle Solaris 11.1 Software Packages     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to the Image Packaging System

2.  IPS Graphical User Interfaces

3.  Getting Information About Software Packages

Showing Package Install State Information

Displaying Package Descriptions or Licenses

Showing Information from the Package Manifest

Listing Files Installed by a Package

Listing All Installable Packages in a Group Package

Displaying License Requirements

Searching for Packages

Identifying Which Package Delivers a Specific File

Showing Which Packages Provide Which SMF Services

Listing Packages by Category

Showing Dependent Packages

Listing All Packages in a Group Package

4.  Installing and Updating Software Packages

5.  Configuring Installed Images

Chapter 3

Getting Information About Software Packages

This chapter describes commands that give you the following kinds of information about packages:

No special privileges are needed to run any of these commands.