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Connecting Systems Using Reactive Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Reactive Network Configuration (Overview)

2.  Creating and Configuring Reactive Network Profiles (Tasks)

Configuring Profiles by Using the netcfg Command

netcfg Interactive Mode

netcfg Command-Line Mode

netcfg Command-File Mode

netcfg and netadm Subcommands

netcfg Subcommands

netadm Subcommands

Creating User-Defined Profiles

Creating an NCP

Creating NCUs for an NCP

How to Interactively Create an NCP With NCUs

Creating a Location Profile

How to Interactively Create a Location Profile

Creating an ENM Profile

How to Interactively Create an ENM Profile

Creating a Known WLAN Profile

How to Interactively Create a Known WLAN Profile

Setting and Changing Property Values for a Profile

How to Interactively Set Property Values

Listing Profile Configuration Information on a System

Listing All of the Profile Configuration Information on a System

Listing All Property Values for a Specific Profile

Obtaining the Value of a Specific Property

How to Interactively Obtain a Single Property Value

Viewing and Changing Property Values by Using the walkprop Subcommand

Enabling and Disabling Profiles

3.  Administering Your Reactive Network Configuration (Tasks)

4.  Using the Network Administration Graphical User Interface


netcfg and netadm Subcommands

The netcfg command manipulates system network configuration profiles. The netcfg command can be invoked interactively, with an individual subcommand, or by specifying a command file that contains a series of subcommands. The netadm command administers the profiles and also interacts with nwamd by using the subcommands.

netcfg Subcommands

The following netcfg subcommands are supported in interactive mode and command-line mode. Note that certain subcommands have different semantics within each scope. If a subcommand cannot be used in a certain mode, the subcommand's description notes that. The subcommands are ordered alphabetically.

netadm Subcommands

The following netadm subcommands are supported: