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Configuring and Administering Oracle Solaris 11.1 Networks     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Planning the Network Deployment

2.  Considerations When Using IPv6 Addresses

IPv6 Planning (Task Map)

IPv6 Network Topology Scenario

Ensuring Hardware Support for IPv6

Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan

Obtaining a Site Prefix

Creating the IPv6 Numbering Scheme

Creating an IPv6 Addressing Plan for Nodes

Creating a Numbering Scheme for Subnets

Configuring Network Services to Support IPv6

How to Prepare Network Services for IPv6 Support

How to Prepare DNS for IPv6 Support

Planning for Tunnel Use in the Network

Security Considerations for the IPv6 Implementation

3.  Configuring an IPv4 Network

4.  Enabling IPv6 on the Network

5.  Administering a TCP/IP Network

6.  Configuring IP Tunnels

7.  IPv4 Reference

8.  IPv6 Reference


Chapter 2

Considerations When Using IPv6 Addresses

This chapter supplements Chapter 1, Planning the Network Deployment by describing additional considerations if you decide to use IPv6 addresses on your network.

If you do plan to also use IPv6 addresses in addition to IPv4 addresses, ensure that your current ISP supports both address types. Otherwise, you would need to find a separate ISP to support the IPv6 addresses.

For an introduction to IPv6 concepts, refer to the following resources, see Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification.