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Working With DHCP in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  About DHCP (Overview)

About the DHCP Protocol

Advantages of Using DHCP

How DHCP Works


Legacy Sun DHCP Server

DHCP Client

2.  Administering the ISC DHCP Service

3.  Configuring and Administering the DHCP Client

4.  DHCP Commands and Files (Reference)



An implementation of the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) DHCP server has been added to Oracle Solaris. Because this software is not automatically installed, you can add this server to your system by typing the following command:

# pkg install pkg:/service/network/dhcp/isc-dhcp

The following list includes some of the important additions for ISC DHCP in the Oracle Solaris release:

In addition, the ISC DHCP server shipped with the Oracle Solaris 11.1 release supports DHCP over IPoIB (IP over Infiniband). DHCP over IPoIB, as defined by RFC 4390, improves interoperability.

For more information about ISC DHCP, see the ISC DHCP Documentation web page.