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Managing sendmail Services in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Mail Services (Overview)

What's New With Mail Services

Changes in this Release

Significant Changes in Earlier Releases

Other sendmail Information Sources

Introduction to the Components of Mail Services

Overview of the Software Components

Overview of the Hardware Components

2.  Mail Services (Tasks)

3.  Mail Services (Reference)


Chapter 1

Mail Services (Overview)

Setting up and maintaining an electronic mail service involves complex tasks that are critical to the daily operation of your network. As a network administrator, you might need to expand an existing mail service. Alternately, you might need to set up a mail service on a new network or a subnet. The chapters on mail services can help you plan and set up a mail service for your network. This chapter provides links to descriptions of new features in sendmail, as well as a list of other sources of information. The chapter also provides overviews of the software and hardware components that are required to establish a mail service.

See Chapter 2, Mail Services (Tasks) for procedural information about how to set up and administer mail services. For details, refer to Task Map for Mail Services.

See Chapter 3, Mail Services (Reference) for a more detailed description of the components of mail services. This chapter also describes the mail service programs and files, the mail routing process, the interactions of sendmail with name services, and the features in version 8.13 of sendmail. See Changes in Version 8.13 of sendmail.