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Oracle Solaris 11.1 Desktop User's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Getting Started With the Desktop

2.  Using the Desktop Windows

3.  Using the Desktop Workspaces

4.  Using the Desktop Panels

5.  Using the Desktop Applications

6.  Using the Main Menubar

7.  Using Time Slider

8.  Using the File Manager

9.  Using the Desktop Tools and Utilities

10.  Configuring the Desktop

About Preference Tools

Assistive Technologies

Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Add a Custom Shortcut

How to Edit a Keyboard Shortcut

Preferred Applications

Setting Look and Feel Preferences


Theme Preferences

Desktop Background Preferences

Font Preferences

Font Rendering

Visual Effects

Show Icons in Menus

Editable Menu Shortcut Keys

Toolbar Button Labels



Setting Screensaver Preferences

Setting Default Screensaver Preferences for All Users

Restoring Default Screensaver Settings for a User

Modifying Screensaver Preferences

Modifying Look and Feel of Your Screensaver

Disabling a Screensaver Display

Setting Internet and Network Preferences


Network Proxy

Desktop Sharing

Setting Keyboard Preferences




Keyboard Layout Options


Audio Feedback

Mouse Keys

Typing Break

Input Method Selector

How to Activate or Deactivate IM

Setting Hardware Preferences

Monitor Preference Tool

Sound Preference Tool

Playback Preferences

Recording Preferences

Sound Theme Preferences

Application Sound Preferences

Setting Session Preferences

Configuring Startup Applications

A.  Using the Mouse

B.  Using the Keyboard

Chapter 10

Configuring the Desktop

This chapter describes how to use the preference tools to customize the Oracle Solaris Desktop. This chapter includes the following information: