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Writing Device Drivers     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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Part I Designing Device Drivers for the Oracle Solaris Platform

1.  Overview of Oracle Solaris Device Drivers

2.  Oracle Solaris Kernel and Device Tree

3.  Multithreading

4.  Properties

5.  Managing Events and Queueing Tasks

6.  Driver Autoconfiguration

7.  Device Access: Programmed I/O

8.  Interrupt Handlers

9.  Direct Memory Access (DMA)

10.  Mapping Device and Kernel Memory

11.  Device Context Management

12.  Power Management

13.  Hardening Oracle Solaris Drivers

14.  Layered Driver Interface (LDI)

Part II Designing Specific Kinds of Device Drivers

15.  Drivers for Character Devices

16.  Drivers for Block Devices

17.  SCSI Target Drivers

18.  SCSI Host Bus Adapter Drivers

19.  Drivers for Network Devices

20.  USB Drivers

21.  SR-IOV Drivers

Part III Building a Device Driver

22.  Compiling, Loading, Packaging, and Testing Drivers

23.  Debugging, Testing, and Tuning Device Drivers

24.  Recommended Coding Practices

Part IV Appendixes

A.  Hardware Overview

B.  Summary of Oracle Solaris DDI/DKI Services

C.  Making a Device Driver 64-Bit Ready

D.  Console Frame Buffer Drivers

E.  pci.conf File


System Configuration Section

Device Configuration Section




System Configuration Section

The [System Configuration] section of the file is interpreted by the Oracle Solaris PCIe framework. Unrecognized keywords are flagged as errors. There is only one [System Configuration] section in the entire file and it must reside at the beginning of the file.

The [System Configuration] section is comprised of a series of subsections. Each subsection must have an unique text label, followed by a list of filters enclosed in double square brackets which matches the device(s) of interest. The content of each subsection is a list of actions that the framework will take against each matched device. For example:

[System Configuration]
     new_e1kg_driver [[id=0x8086,0x1000,,0x108e,]] [[classcode=0x020000]]

The filter within the double brackets matches all Intel devices with device ID 0x1000, a Sun subsystem vendor ID, and network controller class code in the system. Oracle Solaris sets the device's number of VFs to 4.

Note - Device path can be used in the filter to narrow the scope of the filter to a single device instance.