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Programming Interfaces Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Memory and CPU Management

2.  Remote Shared Memory API for Solaris Clusters

3.  Session Description Protocol API

4.  Process Scheduler

5.  Locality Group APIs

6.  Input/Output Interfaces

7.  Interprocess Communication

8.  Socket Interfaces

9.  Programming With XTI and TLI

10.  Packet Filtering Hooks

Packet Filtering Hooks Interfaces

Packet Filtering Hooks Kernel Functions

Packet Filtering Hooks Data Types

Using the Packet Filtering Hooks Interfaces

IP Instances

Protocol Registration

Event Registration

The Packet Hook

Packet Filtering Hooks Example

11.  Transport Selection and Name-to-Address Mapping

12.  Real-time Programming and Administration

13.  The Solaris ABI and ABI Tools

A.  UNIX Domain Sockets


Chapter 10

Packet Filtering Hooks

The packet filtering hooks interfaces help develop value added network solutions at the kernel level such as security (packet filtering and firewall) solutions and network address translation (NAT) solutions.

The packet filtering hooks interfaces provide the following capabilities:

Loopback packet interception also provides access to packets as they move between zones that are using a shared instance of IP. This is the default model.