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Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Installation Guide: Planning for Installation and Upgrade     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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Part I Overall Planning of an Oracle Solaris Installation or Upgrade

1.  Where to Find Oracle Solaris Installation Planning Information

2.  Oracle Solaris Installation and Upgrade Roadmap

Installing or Upgrading the Oracle Solaris Software Task Map

Installing From the Network or From DVD or CDs?

Performing an Initial Installation or an Upgrade

Initial Installation


Choosing an Oracle Solaris Installation Method

3.  System Requirements, Guidelines, and Upgrade Information

4.  Gathering Information Before an Installation or Upgrade

Part II Understanding Installations Related to ZFS, Booting, Oracle Solaris Zones, and RAID-1 Volumes

5.  ZFS Root File System Installation Planning

6.  SPARC and x86 Based Booting (Overview and Planning)

7.  Upgrading When Oracle Solaris Zones Are Installed on a System

8.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Overview)

9.  Creating RAID-1 Volumes (Mirrors) During Installation (Planning)



Installing From the Network or From DVD or CDs?

Note - Starting with the Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 release, only a DVD is provided. Oracle Solaris Software CDs are no longer provided.

The Oracle Solaris software is distributed on DVD or CD media so that you can install or upgrade systems that have access to a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive.

You can set up the systems to install from the network with remote DVD or CD images. You might want to set up systems this way for the following reasons:

You can use all of the Oracle Solaris installation methods to install a system from the network. However, by installing systems from the network with the flash archive installation feature or with a JumpStart installation, you can centralize and automate the installation process in a large enterprise. For more details about the different installation methods, refer to Choosing an Oracle Solaris Installation Method.

Installing the Oracle Solaris software from the network requires initial setup. The following table lists resources for information about preparing to install from the network.

For More Information
For detailed instructions about preparing to install from a local area network
For instructions about preparing to install over a wide area network
For instructions about how to install x86 based clients over the network by using PXE