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Application Packaging Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  Designing a Package

2.  Building a Package

3.  Enhancing the Functionality of a Package (Tasks)

Creating Information Files and Installation Scripts (Task Map)

Creating Information Files

Defining Package Dependencies

How to Define Package Dependencies

Writing a Copyright Message

How to Write a Copyright Message

Reserving Additional Space on a Target System

How to Reserve Additional Space on a Target System

Creating Installation Scripts

Script Processing During Package Installation

Script Processing During Package Removal

Package Environment Variables Available to Scripts

Obtaining Package Information for a Script

Exit Codes for Scripts

Writing a request Script

request Script Behaviors

Design Rules for request Scripts

How to Write a request Script

Gathering File System Data With the checkinstall Script

checkinstall Script Behaviors

Design Rules for checkinstall Scripts

How to Gather File System Data

Writing Procedure Scripts

Procedure Script Behaviors

Design Rules for Procedure Scripts

How to Write Procedure Scripts

Writing Class Action Scripts

Defining Object Classes

How Classes Are Processed During Package Installation

How Classes Are Processed During Package Removal

The Class Action Script

Class Action Script Behaviors

Design Rules for Class Action Scripts

The Special System Classes

The sed Class Script

The awk Class Script

The build Class Script

The preserve Class Script

The manifest Class Script

How to Write Class Action Scripts

Creating Signed Packages

Signed Packages

Certificate Management

Adding Trusted Certificates to the Package Keystore

Adding a User Certificate and Private Key to the Package Keystore

Verifying the Contents in the Package Keystore

Deleting Trusted Certificates and Private Keys From the Package Keystore

Signed Packages Creation

How to Create an Unsigned, Directory-Format Package

How to Import the Certificates Into the Package Keystore

How to Sign the Package

4.  Verifying and Transferring a Package

5.  Case Studies of Package Creation

6.  Advanced Techniques for Creating Packages



Chapter 3

Enhancing the Functionality of a Package (Tasks)

This chapter describes how to create optional information files and installation scripts for a package. While Chapter 2, Building a Package discussed the minimum requirements for making a package, this chapter discusses additional functionality that you can build into a package. This additional functionality is based on the criteria you considered when planning how to design your package. For more information, see Considerations Before Building a Package.

This is a list of the overview information in this chapter.