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Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Release Notes     Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Information Library
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1.  License Updates

2.  Installation Issues

3.  Oracle Solaris Runtime Issues

4.  End-of-Software Support Statements

Features Removed in This Release

32-bit: Adobe Flash Player

autoreg and basicreg Commands

glib 1.2.10 and gtk 1.2.10 Libraries

Features That Might Be Removed in a Future Release

LP Print Service

SPARC: Legacy System Support

rstart Client and rstartd Server

rdist Command

crypt Command

-x and -C Options in the vi, ex, and ed Commands

sysidtool Framework

Sun OpenGL Software From Oracle for the SPARC Platform

WU-ftpd Server

Boot Support in Solaris Volume Manager From Oracle

ioctls Floppy Driver and fdformat Utility

tnf Tracing (3TNF)

Replacing /etc/power.conf and pmconfig With poweradm

Replacing Trusted Extensions IPv6 CIPSO With CALIPSO

/etc/hostname.interface Files

Flash Archive Installation Commands

x86: lsimega Driver Support

Removal of QLogic SCSI Ultra160 Device Driver

32-bit SPARC and x86: libmle Library

32-bit SPARC: Removal of Asian SunOS4.x BCP

32-bit SPARC and x86: Removal of Legacy Asian Print Filters

32-bit SPARC and x86: Removal of Legacy Asian Libraries

32-bit SPARC and x86: Removal of Legacy Asian Commands

Diskless Client Functionality

SPARC: SunOS 4 Binary Compatibility Support

32-bit x86: sk98sol Driver

IP-Forwarding SMF Services

x86: 32-bit X Servers and Drivers

SYSV3 SCO Compatibility Environment Variable

passmgmt Command

Locale Administrator

SIP Express Router (SER)

Jakarta Tomcat 4 Interfaces in the Oracle Solaris OS

x86: lx Branded Zone

Plotting Commands


Apache httpd 1.3

audit_user Database

Audit Daemon Interfaces

Oracle Solaris Audit Commands

Auditing File Size Statistics and File Size Restriction Interfaces

Drivers for Various SPARC Compatible Graphics Cards

Short Form Locales

Support for Java SE 1.4.2

Support for Java SE 5.0

@euro Locale Variants

ucblinks Command

Xprt Server and Xprint Extension

xmh Command

XIE Libraries

bdftosnf and showsnf Commands

PostgreSQL 8.1 and 8.2

Locale Variant cz

xorgcfg and xorgconfig Utilities

Oracle Berkeley DB 4.2

Some audiorecord and audioplay Application Switches

Policy Change for Inbound Open-Source and Third-Party, Vendor-Supplied Open-Source Components

Mozilla 1.X Support

x86: sbpro Driver

CacheFS File System

sdtudctool Command

ctlmp and ctlconvert_txt Utilities

genlayouttbl Utility

Mobile IPv4


Xsun Server

Common Desktop Environment

Sun Java System Calendar Server Client Applet

DARPA Trivial Name Server

I2O Intelligent I/O

GNOME Viewer for PDF and PostScript Files

Smartcard Administrative Interface

iButton Smartcard

Cyberflex Smartcard

PAM Smartcard

OCF or SCF Smartcard Framework

SCF Smartcard APIs

Remote Program Load Server Functionality

Transition From ipge to e1000g NIC Driver as the Default Ethernet Driver for sun4v Systems

Solstice Enterprise Agents Support

32-bit x86: Extended Memory File System Support

Standard Type Services Framework Support

SPARC: jfca Driver Support

zic -s Option Support

Removable Volume Management Support

64-bit SPARC: Dual Basic Rate ISDN Interface and Multimedia Codec Chips

SPARC: Certain Drivers Might Not Be Supported in a Future Oracle Solaris Release

Automated Security Enhancement Tool Support

Asian Short dtlogin Names

Cfront Runtime Support Library

Configuration Administrations's fp Plug-In Hardware Options

Device Allocation Interfaces for the Basic Security Module

Obsolete Device Driver Interfaces

Device Management Entries in the power.conf File

Device Support and Driver Software

Form and Menu Language Interpreter

Host Files in /etc/net/ti*

Kerberos Ticket Lifetime Parameters in the krb5.conf File

Korean CID Fonts

Legacy or Traditional Non-UTF-8 Locales

Functions in the CPU Performance Counters Library (libcpc)

libXinput Library

NIS+ Name Service Type

nstest Test Program

Perl Version 5.6.1

Solaris Management Console Patch Tool (Patch Manager)

Solstice Enterprise Agents

Stand-Alone Router Discovery

Oracle Sun Fire Link Interfaces

Java Desktop System Applications

Token Ring and Fiber Distributed Data Interface Device Types

WBEM Dynamic Reconfiguration

XIL Interface

xetops Utility

5.  Documentation Issues

A.  Previously Documented Bugs That Were Fixed in the Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Release

Chapter 4

End-of-Software Support Statements

This chapter provides end-of-software support statements for the Oracle Solaris OS.