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Oracle® Outside In Viewer for ActiveX Developer's Guide
Release 8.4.0

Part Number E12847-03
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1 Introduction

Welcome to Outside In Viewer for ActiveX, the fastest, easiest way to add powerful file access capabilities to your Visual Basic/C++ applications. Whether you're an experienced programmer or just learning, this control will allow you to view, print, cut, copy and paste more than 500 document types with just a few keystrokes.

This powerful control is based on the core viewing technology found in mainstream applications. You will not find another file access system on the market with the variety of formats, up-to-date filters and fidelity as found in Outside In.

There may be references to other Oracle Outside In Technology SDKs within this manual. To obtain complete documentation for any other Oracle Outside In product, see:

and click on Outside In Technology.

This chapter includes the following sections:

1.1 What's New in Release 8.4.0

1.2 What Does the Outside In Viewer for ActiveX Do?

The ActiveX control may be used for simple applications that need to view a document as well as complex custom applications that require searching, e-mail attachment viewing, or custom publishing techniques. Outside In can also add value to Intranet technologies with its support for documents embedded within HTML and XML files.

You'll quickly discover the ease of integration and the power behind the Outside In technology.

This ActiveX control is based on the industry's leading file-access technology and integrated into mainstream applications from companies such as Microsoft, Lotus, Xerox and DEC. Outside In provides file viewing capabilities which offer software developers the highest fidelity, best performing and most stable support for the broadest number of file types across multiple operating systems.

There are several benefits to using Outside In over other solutions:

1.3 Definition of Terms

Term Definition


Someone integrating this technology into another technology or application. Most likely this is you, the reader.

Source File

The file the developer wishes to view.

1.4 Directory Structure

Each Outside In product has an sdk directory, under which there is a subdirectory for the platform on which the product ships. For the Viewer for ActiveX, the structure is ax/sdk/ax_win-x86-32_sdk or ax/sdk/ax_win-x86-64_sdk. Under this directory are the following four subdirectories:

In the root platform directory (for example, ax/sdk/ax_win-x86-32_sdk), there is one file: README. This explains the contents of the sdk.