This screen shot shows the Database Instance: database_name > Schedule Backup page.

At the top of the page is the following text:

"Based on your disk and/or tape configuration, Oracle provides an automated backup strategy, or you can develop your own backup strategy with customized options."

Below this text are three sections titled "Oracle-Suggested Backup", "Customized Backup", and "Host Credentials". To the right of these sections is a text box titled "Backup Strategies". It contains the following text:



End of quoted text.

The "Oracle-Suggested Backup" section contains a button labeled "Schedule Oracle-Suggested Backup" and the following text:

"Schedule a backup using Oracle's automated backup strategy. This option will back up the entire database. The database will be backed up on daily and weekly intervals.'

The "Customized Backup" section contains a button labeled "Schedule Customized Backup" and two options labeled "Whole Database" and "All Recovery Files on Disk". The "Whole Database" option includes the following text:

"You may only perform an offline backup of the entire database. If the database is OPEN at the time of backup, the database will be shut down and mounted before the backup. The database will be opened after the backup."

The "All Recovery Files on Disk" option includes the following text:

"These files include all archivelogs and disk backups that are not already backed up to tape."

The "Host Credentials" section includes fields labeled "Username" and "Password", an option labeled "Save as Preferred Credential", and the following text:

"To perform a backup, supply operating system login credentials to access the target database."

At the top and bottom of the screen shot are links to Setup, Preferences, Help, and Logout.