retrieves the application JAR files needed to launch the application client.


get-client-stubs [--help] --appname application_name local_directory_path


The get-client-stubs subcommand copies the required JAR files for an AppClient standalone module or each AppClient module in an application from the server machine to the local directory. Each client's generated JAR file is retrieved, along with any required supporting JAR files . The client JAR file name is of the form app-nameClient.jar. Before executing the get-client-stubs subcommand, you must deploy the application or module. The generated client JAR file is useful for running the application using the appclient utility. This subcommand is supported in remote mode only.



Displays the help text for the subcommand.


The name of the application or stand-alone client module.

The name can include an optional version identifier, which follows the name and is separated from the name by a colon (:). The version identifier must begin with a letter or number. It can contain alphanumeric characters plus underscore (_), dash (-), and period (.) characters. For more information about module and application versions, see "Module and Application Versions" in Oracle GlassFish Server Application Deployment Guide.



The path to the local directory where the client stub JAR file should be stored.


Example 1   Using get-client-stubs
asadmin> get-client-stubs --appname myapplication /sample/example
Command get-client-stubs executed successfully

Exit Status


command executed successfully


error in executing the command

See Also

deploy(1), redeploy(1), undeploy(1)

appclient(1M), asadmin(1M), package-appclient(1M)

Oracle GlassFish Server Application Deployment Guide