an EJB Timer removed event


glassfish:ejb:timers:timerRemovedEvent ()

glassfish:ejb:timers__beanspecific_:timerRemovedEvent ()


These two events are sent when an EJB Timer is removed.

Use the generic version of this event to track EJB Timers removed across the entire EJB container.

Use the bean-specific version of this event to track EJB Timers removed by the EJB container for a specific bean. In the bean-specific version, beanspecific has the form:


In this form, appName, modName, and ejbName are the names of the application, the module, and the bean, respectively, with dashes (-) and periods (.) converted to underscores (_). For example, the bean-specific event name for the sampleBean bean in the sampleModule.jar module of the sample-App application is:


When monitoring the activity of a specific bean, using the bean-specific version of this event provides much better end-to-end monitoring performance than does using the generic version and inspecting its parameters to associate the event with the bean.