connection opened by client ORB event


glassfish:orb:outboundconnection:outboundConnectionOpened (
java.lang.String contactInfo, 
java.lang.String connection)


This event is sent whenever a client object request broker (ORB) opens a new Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection to a server ORB. The client ORB opens a connection when preparing to send a request to the server ORB.

After the connection is opened, the connection is cached and reused until either of the following happens:

  • A communications failure occurs.

  • The number of connections in the outbound connection cache exceeds the ORB high water mark, and the connection is the least recently used cached connection in the outbound cache. In this situation, the connection is closed.



The server ORB object. This object represents the remote end point to which the connection refers. This object contains the host and port of the remote end point.


The client ORB object. This object represents the TCP connection that the client ORB opened.