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Oracle Tuxedo Product Support and Resources

Oracle Tuxedo Product Support and Resources
The following sections describe the documentation and customer-support resources available to Oracle Tuxedo customers:
About the Oracle Tuxedo Documentation
The Oracle Tuxedo documentation is designed to provide you, the customer, with information at various levels about the Oracle Tuxedo system. You may want to read all of the documentation or choose only those topics that will provide information for your immediate requirements.
The Oracle Tuxedo documentation consists of the following components:
Oracle Tuxedo Online Documentation
You can find the online documentation at:
Oracle Tuxedo Context-Sensitive Help
The Oracle Tuxedo software includes a set of GUI-based tools designed to help you build and administer your Oracle Tuxedo client and server applications. The following table lists the context-sensitive help components provided with each Oracle Tuxedo software GUI.
Using the Oracle Tuxedo Online Documentation
The Oracle Tuxedo online documentation contains a comprehensive set of documents about the Oracle Tuxedo system. This information is designed to help you:
The online documentation provides easy-to-access information in HTML format for viewing in your favorite Web browser.
To view the online documentation, you need a Web browser that supports HTML 3.0 features, including tables and frames.
Accessing the Documentation in a Browser
To begin viewing the Online Documentation Home page, access Oracle Tuxedo on the e-docs Product Documentation page. From this page you can:
Each major topic area is displayed with its own table of contents so that you can see at-a-glance what each document contains.
Once you access the online documentation, you can quickly browse through all of the available information.
Select a topic in the table of contents or click “Oracle Tuxedo Documentation” to return to the Home page.
The online documentation offers many options to access the documentation for the Oracle Tuxedo system. The best way to use the documentation is to bring up the Home page in your browser and start exploring.
If you want a list of other resources and manuals that might be useful in understanding and working with the Oracle Tuxedo system, click Site Map on the Home page, and then click Bibliography on the Site Map page.
Site Map
The site map page lists all the documents in the online information set. The documents are grouped by categories such as Installation, Getting Started, Administration, and Programming.
To open a document, click the document name.
PDF Document Files
The PDF Files page lists all the documents that are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The documents are group by categories such as Installation, Getting Started, Administration, and Programming.
To open a PDF file, click the document name. Once the PDF is displayed you also have the option of printing it.
Using the Online Search Feature
The Oracle Tuxedo online documentation includes a Java search applet, a platform-independent search tool, to assist in locating topics in the Oracle Tuxedo online documentation. The search applet enables you to search for one or more keywords and returns a list of target HTML pages.
When using the search applet, keep these rules in mind:
To perform a search, follow these steps:
Learning Paths
To help you find the information you need, the following table lists user tasks and the documentation appropriate to each.
Table 4‑2 Learning Paths 

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