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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Quick Start Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal
10g Release 3 (10.3.4)

Part Number E14246-02
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12 Application Location

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse deploys your application to the server as a split-source application.

This chapter includes the following topics:

12.1 Split-source Directories

The deployed application is an exploded directory inside your Workspace. This directory only contains copies of the files from META-INF directory in your application and a .beabuild.txt file, which lays out mappings for the actual application content.

The deployed split-source application is located in:

WORKSPACE/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/.projects/ APP_NAME/beadep/DOMAIN_NAME/APP_NAME

where WORKSPACE is your Eclipse workspace directory, APP_NAME is the name of your EAR project, and DOMAIN_NAME is the server domain name.

Figure 12-0 is an example of a .beabuild.txt file.

Example 12-1 .beabuild.txt file

/home/projectX/projectX/build/weboutput = projectX.war
/home/projectX/projectXapp/EarContent/APP-INF/classes = APP-INF/classes
/home/projectX/projectX/WebContent = projectX.war
/home/projectX/projectX/build/classes = projectX.war/WEB-INF/classes
/home/projectX/projectXejb/build/classes = projectXejb.jar
/home/projectXutility/build/classes = APP-INF/lib/projectXutility.jar
/home/projectX/projectXdatasync/src = META-INF/data

The .beabuild.txt file pulls in the actual directory locations (on the left of the equals sign) to their virtual locations within the application (on the right of the equals sign). The deployed application picks up the actual files from your project's Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse build output, WebContent directories, and so forth. This means that if you change JSPs, HTML files, or other files in your application, the server sees it immediately.

12.2 Related Information

The following topics provide more detail about split-source applications: