Class PortalControlAction

  extended by
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Direct Known Subclasses:
BookDefinitionAction, BookInstanceAction, CreateCommunityTemplateAction, CreateDesktopFromPortalFileAction, DesktopDefinitionAction, PageDefinitionAction, PageInstanceAction, PortletDefinitionAction, PortletInstanceAction

public abstract class PortalControlAction
extends Object
implements ControlAction

Objects extending this class implement actions to be taken on portal controls. These may be used to specify multiple actions which need to occur in a single transaction by calling the Portal controls' executeActions() method.

Note that by implementing a PortalControlAction that calls any number of control methods, anything can be done within a single transaction.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  void doAction(ResourceContext context)
          Method that actually performs the action(s).
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Constructor Detail


public PortalControlAction()
Method Detail


public abstract void doAction(ResourceContext context)
                       throws Exception
Method that actually performs the action(s).

Specified by:
doAction in interface ControlAction

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