4.3.1. Upgrading Oracle VM Server Using a Yum Repository

This section directs you to the location in the Oracle VM documentation which discusses upgrading the Oracle VM Servers in your Oracle VM Release 3.0 environment using a Yum Repository. This is the preferred method for upgrading Oracle VM Servers.

To upgrade Oracle VM Server using a Yum repository, you must first set up a Yum repository based on the Oracle VM Release 3.0 channel on ULN. When you have created the Oracle VM 3.0 Yum repository, add the Yum repository to Oracle VM Manager. You then use Oracle VM Manager to perform the upgrades on the Oracle VM Servers. For information on setting up an Oracle VM Server Yum repository and using Oracle VM Manager to perform the upgrade of Oracle VM Servers, see Updating and Upgrading Oracle VM Servers in the Oracle VM User's Guide.