3.1. Installation Overview

Oracle VM uses an Oracle database as a repository. Oracle VM production deployments require Oracle Database Standard Edition (Oracle SE) or Enterprise Edition (Oracle EE). If you are testing Oracle VM and do not require a supported product, you can use Oracle Database Express Edition (Oracle XE). Oracle XE is not a supported product, and Oracle Support Services cannot supply patches for it. If you require full support from Oracle, you should use Oracle SE or EE as the Oracle VM database repository.

Oracle VM Manager can be installed in a demo installation using Oracle XE, or as a production installation using Oracle SE or EE. The demo installation installs Oracle XE on the local host and configures it to use as the repository. The production option collects information on the pre-installed Oracle Database and uses it as the repository. In both install types, Java, the Oracle VM Manager application, and Oracle WebLogic Server are installed on the local host.

An uninstaller is included with the installation script. The uninstaller gives you options to remove Oracle XE, Java, the Oracle VM Manager application, and the Oracle WebLogic Server.