3.12. Troubleshooting

3.12.1. libaio Not Installed
3.12.2. bc Not Installed
3.12.3. Cannot Install Oracle XE
3.12.4. Cannot Create OVS Database Schema
3.12.5. Oracle Database Schema Exists
3.12.6. Oracle XE Listener Fails to Start
3.12.7. Installation Fails on Non-English Character Set
3.12.8. Installation Fails When Using an NIS-based oracle User Account

The section contains information on known issues you may encounter when installing Oracle VM Manager, and explains how to resolve them. You can find additional information on the following Oracle Support Web sites:

If you contact Oracle Support for assistance with an Oracle VM Manager installation, please include the installation logs. See Section 3.4.6, “Installation Logs ” for information on log file names and locations.