3.9. Backing Up Oracle VM Manager

To back up Oracle VM Manager, you should back up the Oracle VM Manager configuration file, and the Oracle VM Manager database schema. By default, this schema is named OVS, and this is used in the backup example. Replace the schema name with your own.

The Oracle VM Manager configuration file is stored in this location:


This configuration file contains database connection information, ports and the UUID used by Oracle VM Manager. An example of this configuration file follows:

Example 3.5. Oracle VM Manager configuration file

DBHOST=<hostname of database server>
SID=<oracle SID>
LSNR=<listener port number defaults 1521>
APEX=<application express port number defaults 8080>
OVSSCHEMA=<database schema name for oracle vm manager defaults ovs>
WLSADMIN=<weblogic server admin defaults weblogic>
OVSADMIN=<oracle vm manager administrator name defaults admin>
COREPORT=<oracle vm manager core port defaults 54321>
UUID=<oracle vm manager uuid>

To back up Oracle VM Manager:

  1. Back up/copy the Oracle VM Manager configuration file located at


  2. As the root user, shut down Oracle VM Manager:

    # /sbin/service ovmm stop
  3. Back up the Oracle VM Manager database OVS schema. Run the Oracle Database EXP utility to export the OVS schema. The following example shows how to run this utility on the local install of Oracle XE. If you are using an Oracle Standard or Enterprise Edition on the local host, or on a remote computer, you should consult your Oracle Database documentation for the appropriate method for your environment.

    Log into the operating system as the oracle user. You can su - oracle as the root user if you do not have the password for the oracle user.

    Run the following commands:

    export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe
    export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH
    export ORACLE_SID=XE
    exp ovsschema/password grants=y compress=y file=/location/ovsbackup.dmp

    The ovschema user in the exp command should be replaced with the name of your OVS schema; the default schema name in an Oracle XE install is ovs. Store the Oracle VM Manager database schema backup along with the Oracle VM Manager configuration file.