6.8.6. Deleting a Server Pool

Before you can delete a server pool, you must delete all virtual machines and remove all Oracle VM Servers from the server pool.

To delete a virtual machine, see Section 7.9.10, “Deleting a Virtual Machine”. To remove an Oracle VM Server from a server pool, see Section 6.8.2, “Removing an Oracle VM Server from a Server Pool”.

To delete a server pool:

  1. In the Home view, select the server pool in the Server Pools folder in the navigation pane. Select Delete from the Actions menu.

    The Delete Confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select OK to delete the server pool.

The server pool is deleted.


To delete a server pool which is HA-enabled, you must have an Admin server assigned to any NFS file server-based storage. See Section 4.6.1, “Registering and Configuring File Servers” for information on editing a file server to add an Admin server.