7.6. Using the VNIC Manager

The VNIC Manager creates virtual NICs, which are used by virtual machines. Basically, you provide virtual network interfaces by defining a range of MAC addresses. Each MAC address corresponds with a single virtual NIC, which is used by a virtual machine.

To create a VNIC:

  1. Select Vnic Manager... from the Tools menu.

  2. Click Next in the MAC Selector panel to get the next available MAC address.

    Alternatively you can enter a specific MAC address.

  3. Select the number of addresses that you want to create, and click Generate.

  4. Click OK to close the Vnic Manager.

After the creation of the VNICs you are able to use them when you create virtual machines. For more information on creating virtual machines, see Chapter 7, Managing Virtual Machines.


If you run more than one Oracle VM Manager instance, you must not have overlapping MAC address ranges. If you create a MAC address that is already in the Oracle VM Manager database, an error message is displayed.