4.3.1. Installing Storage Connect Plug-ins

Vendor-specific (non-generic) storage connect plug-ins are available directly from your storage vendor.

A complete list of plug-ins is available on the Oracle Technology Network.

Storage connect plug-ins are delivered as an RPM, usually a single RPM, but your storage vendor may provide multiple RPMs. When you have the storage connect plug-in RPM from your storage vendor, install the RPM on your Oracle VM Servers.


You must install the RPM on all the Oracle VM Servers that will use the particular storage.

To install the storage plug-in RPM, on the command line of the Oracle VM Server, enter

# rpm -ivh filename.rpm

If you are upgrading an existing storage connect plug, use the RPM upgrade parameter:

# rpm -Uvh filename.rpm

Read the install and configuration documentation for the storage connect plug-in from your storage vendor before you install and use it. There may be extra configuration required that is not documented here.