2.3.8. Jobs and Events

Jobs are a sequence of operations usually triggered by a user action. For example: discovering a server, presenting a repository, creating a VM, and so on. These jobs appear at the bottom of the Home and Hardware views in Oracle VM Manager and their status is refreshed according to their progress. Some jobs are not the result of a specific user action but are a recurring system operation, such as checking the YUM repository for updates. A history of all jobs in the environment is available in the Jobs view, where you can view and filter the job list and display details of each job: status, execution time stamps, operations executed as part of the job, etc.

Events are often also related to user actions, but their main function from a user perspective is to register status information of "objects" for future reference or to make problems easier to trace back. Events are displayed in a separate tab in the Management pane of Oracle VM Manager and the list of events depends on the object selected in the tree view of the Navigation pane. For example, the events list of a VM shows you when it was created, at what point it was started and stopped, when it was migrated, and so on. If you select a server or server pool in the same tree view, different types of events appear, related to that particular object. Events have no status but a severity level: most events will be informational, but they can also be warnings, errors or other situations that require your attention.