5.10.4. Configuring the Management Network on a VLAN

During the installation of the Oracle VM Servers you configure a management interface on each server. These interfaces are added to the default management network when the servers are discovered by Oracle VM Manager. During server installation you have two configuration options for the management network interface: standard or as part of a tagged VLAN.


The only supported method to obtain a management network on a tagged VLAN is to specify the VLAN tag during the installation. For more information, see Installing Oracle VM Server in the Oracle VM Installation and Upgrade Guide

In case you installed the Oracle VM Servers with a management interface on a standard network, not on a VLAN, discovering the servers leads to the creation of a default management network with management IP addresses assigned to a bond0 port containing one Ethernet network interface each. You can use Oracle VM Manager to change this configuration and use the untagged VLAN for the management network. The procedure is described below.


Once the VLAN is associated with the management network, this association cannot be broken. The original state of the management network and interfaces cannot be restored. Plan this reconfiguration carefully.

To reconfigure the management network from physical to untagged VLAN:

  1. In the Hardware view, select Resources in the navigation tree and select the Networks tab.

  2. Select the management network and click the Edit Network button. Remove the management interfaces of the Oracle VM Servers from the management network.

  3. Select the VLAN Groups tab. Create a new VLAN group.

  4. In the new VLAN group, add the network ports you removed from the management network earlier. Create the untagged VLAN segment you need for the management network. Include any additional VLAN segments for other networks for which you want to use a VLAN over the same network interface. Click Next.

  5. With the untagged VLAN the IP addresses must be assigned to the underlying network ports. The management IP address cannot be changed, so you may skip this wizard step and Click Finish.

  6. Return to the Networks tab and edit the management network again. Select the VLAN segment you wish to associate with the management network, which is the untagged VLAN segment.

    The restriction for the untagged VLAN still applies: the IP address must be on the underlying port, so it cannot be assigned to the VLAN interface. The physical network interface is now available to add other tagged VLAN interfaces to include in other networks.

In case you installed the Oracle VM Servers with a management interface on a tagged VLAN, the bond0 ports are included in a VLAN group during server discovery. The VLAN group is then associated with the management network via the appropriate VLAN tag or segment. Changing this configuration, for example to use the untagged VLAN or a physical network for the management network, is not supported in Oracle VMRelease 3.0.3.