1 Installation Overview

This chapter provides an overview of installing software on the Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine. The Exalytics Machine is an engineered solution that includes a memory-centric hardware platform, proven in-memory technology from Oracle TimesTen, and an optimized version of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite functionality.

The Exalytics Machine enables Oracle Business Intelligence software users to gain quick insight, make better decisions, and take immediate actions. For system administrators, the pre-engineered system simplifies the process of configuring and maintaining an enterprise-level, high-performance Oracle Business Intelligence implementation. It eliminates the risks associated with procuring, deploying, maintaining, and tuning the system infrastructure from multiple vendors. Oracle's technology is designed to scale seamlessly from small workgroup installations to large scale enterprise Business Intelligence deployments.

If you plan to configure the Exalytics Machine for virtualization, see Chapter 2, "Configuring Exalytics Machines for Virtualization."

If you plan to install the software on an Exalytics Machine, see Chapter 3, "Installing Software on the Exalytics Machine."

The term "Oracle Business Intelligence" is used throughout this guide to collectively refer to Oracle BI Enterprise Edition and Oracle BI Publisher. In cases where a description or instruction specifically applies to one of these products, the individual product's name is used instead

This chapter includes the following sections:

1.1 Installable Components

Oracle Exalytics comprises a number of core and optional components that are installed to work together in an optimized manner.

This section includes the following topics:

In addition, note the following:

  • Oracle Real-Time Decisions is not available for installation on the Exalytics Machine.

  • This guide does not provide information on installing Essbase on the Exalytics Machine using the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installer. For information about using the EPM System Installer to install Essbase, see Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

1.1.1 Core Components

The core components include the following:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

    For more information, see "Installable Products" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence.

  • (If present) Oracle Essbase, installed using the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installer

  • Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

  • Oracle Exalytics Base Image

    Oracle Exalytics-specific version of Oracle Enterprise Linux pre-installed on the Exalytics Machine.

  • Oracle Exalytics Configuration Utility

1.1.2 Optional Components

The optional components include other software (for example, Oracle Endeca) that can be installed on the Exalytics Machine, as detailed in the Oracle Exalytics Certification Matrix.

1.2 Oracle Exalytics Architecture

Figure 1-1 contains a diagram of the architecture for the Exalytics Machine. The Exalytics Machine includes software for the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, Oracle Business Intelligence, and the Administration Server and Managed Server for Oracle WebLogic Server. The Exalytics Machine is connected to a client computer on which the Oracle BI Administration Tool runs, including the Summary Advisor wizard. Another computer holds the database on which schemas that are created with the Repository Creation Utility reside, including usage tracking summary statistics.

Figure 1-1 Oracle Exalytics Architecture

Description of Figure 1-1 follows
Description of "Figure 1-1 Oracle Exalytics Architecture"

1.3 System Requirements and Certification

This guide provides specific information about system requirements and software versions that the Exalytics Machine uses. For information about the client computer that you use with the Exalytics Machine, refer to the system requirements and certification documentation for information about hardware and software requirements, platforms, databases, and other information. Both of these documents are available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).