3.2. Oracle VM Manager Components

The applications necessary to run Oracle VM Manager are packaged in the ISO image. Some or all of the following applications may be installed on the host computer when you install Oracle VM Manager:

Oracle VM Manager

The Oracle VM Manager application provided as a Oracle WebLogic Server domain and container.

Oracle WebLogic Server 11g

Oracle WebLogic Server Release 11g, including Application Development Framework (ADF) Release 11g. For more information about Oracle WebLogic, see the Oracle WebLogic 11g documentation.

Use of Oracle WebLogic Server with Oracle VM Manager is restricted to the servlet functionality without clustering for the Oracle VM Management Server.

Oracle Database

In a new installation, Oracle Database 11g Express Edition (Oracle XE) for Linux 64-bit may be installed. If Oracle XE is already installed, the installer asks whether it should use the existing database, install a new one, or use another database in the local area network (LAN). For more information about Oracle XE, see the Oracle Database Express Edition Documentation for 11g Release 2 (11.2).

You should only use the Oracle XE database as the Oracle VM Manager repository in non-production environments. Oracle XE is not a supported product and Oracle Support Services cannot provide bug fixes or patches for this product. If you are deploying Oracle VM Manager in a production environment, you should use Oracle Database Standard or Enterprise Edition, which you must install separately to Oracle VM. Oracle VM Manager includes a restricted-use license of the Oracle Database (Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition) for use as the Oracle VM Manager Management Repository only. The supported version of Oracle Database are:

  • Oracle Database Release or greater

  • Oracle Database Release or greater

  • Oracle Database Release or greater