Chapter 3. Using Oracle VM Manager

Table of Contents

3.1. Logging into the User Interface
3.2. User Interface Overview
3.3. Using the Global Links
3.3.1. Help Menu
3.4. Using the Tabs
3.4.1. Servers and VMs Tab
3.4.2. Repositories Tab
3.4.3. Networking Tab
3.4.4. Storage Tab
3.4.5. Tools and Resources Tab
3.4.6. Jobs Tab
3.4.7. Getting Started Tab
3.5. Using the Toolbar
3.5.1. Toolbar Options
3.6. Using the Navigation Tree
3.7. Object Icon Colors
3.8. Drag and Drop
3.9. Right-Click Action Menus

Management for the Oracle VM environment is provided by Oracle VM Manager, a transaction-based framework that also includes an integrated database and a web-based management user interface.

This chapter discusses using the Oracle VM Manager user interface.