2.10. Oracle VM Pre-built Templates

Oracle VM templates are self-contained and pre-configured virtual machines with key Oracle technologies. Each Oracle VM template is packaged using Oracle best practices, which eliminates installation and configuration costs, reduces risk and dramatically shortens deployment time lines.

Oracle VM templates of many key Oracle products are available for download, including Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, and many more.

Oracle VM template licensing includes a free download and free trial use with the option to purchase a product license. Oracle VM templates do not have time limits or feature limitations, that is, Oracle VM templates are full featured and do not have expiration dates. Oracle VM templates can be quickly transitioned from evaluation into production by purchasing Oracle technology licenses.

You can download Oracle VM templates from the Oracle Technology Network:


The password for the root user of all Oracle VM templates is ovsroot. The password for the oracle account in the OVM_os_version_ORACLE_11G template is oracle.

Before using the downloaded templates, you must import them into Oracle VM Manager. See Section, “Importing a Virtual Machine Template” for information on importing templates.

For more information on these templates, see