Appendix B. Troubleshooting

Table of Contents

B.1. Working with the Jobs Framework
B.1.1. Jobs Overview
B.1.2. Jobs and Resource Locking
B.1.3. Locks and Multiple Users
B.1.4. Job Failure and Rollback
B.1.5. Jobs and Events
B.1.6. Job States
B.1.7. Starting A Job
B.1.8. Aborting A Job
B.1.9. Determining the Cause of a Job Failure
B.1.10. Acknowledging Events/Errors
B.2. Troubleshooting Oracle VM Server
B.2.1. Debugging Tools
B.2.2. Using DHCP
B.2.3. Setting the Guest's Clock
B.2.4. Wallclock Time Skew Problems
B.2.5. Mouse Pointer Tracking Problems
B.2.6. Hardware Virtualized Guest Stops
B.2.7. Hardware Virtualized Guest Devices Not Working as Expected
B.2.8. Firewall Blocks NFS Access
B.2.9. Migrating Virtual Machines
B.3. Troubleshooting Oracle VM Manager
B.3.1. Log File
B.3.2. Command Line Tools
B.3.3. Cannot Start Virtual Machine Console
B.3.4. Cannot Create a Virtual Machine from Installation Media
B.3.5. Cannot Change CD in the Virtual Machine

This chapter contains information on using the jobs framework, and troubleshooting Oracle VM.

For additional information, see the Oracle support-oriented Web sites: