The image is a screen capture that shows the My Incidents Dashboard. The upper left corner of the dashboard contains a bar chart titled Incidents Composition. The side of the chart has numbers: 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100. The bottom of the chart has the incident types and Total. There are color-coded bars for each incident type: blue for Info, yellow for Warning, red for Critical. The last bar is green and shows the total number of incidents. The upper left corner of the dashboard has a table titled My Incidents. Each incident type, Warning, Critical, and Info, is a row in the table. The columns are: Severity, Total, Chassis, Servers, OSes, M-Series, and Storage. Each cell contains the number of unassigned incidents for each severity level, by asset type. The bottom of the dashboard has a table of all unassigned incidents. The description of the columns is described in the text