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Administering Oracle CRM On Demand

Use the Administrator pages to set up and customize Oracle CRM On Demand. For more information about administering Oracle CRM On Demand, see the following sections:

This section

Describes these tasks

Company Administration

Setting Up Your Company Profile and Global Defaults

Verifying License Statuses and Active Users

Defining Your Company's Password Controls

Resetting All Passwords

Activating Languages

Defining a Custom Fiscal Calendar

Managing Currencies

Reviewing Sign-In Activity for All Users

Restricting Use to IP Addresses

Reviewing Your Company's Resource Usage

Reviewing Audit Trail Changes with the Master Audit Trail

Publishing Company-Wide Alerts

Viewing Service Allotment Usage for Your Company

Viewing Historical Service Allotment Usage

Setting Alerts for Service Allotments

Viewing File and Record Utilization Information

Converting Unshared Addresses to Shared Addresses

Considerations When Turning Off Shared Addresses

Updating User Access and the Manage Addresses Privilege Before Turning Off Shared Addresses

Setting the Address Type for Unshared Addresses Using Edit Rel

Access Profile and Role Settings for Addresses

Application Customization

Tasks for Record Type Setup

Creating and Editing Fields

Administering the Copy Enabled Setting

Setting Up Custom Field Integration Tags

Setting Up Web Links

Renaming Fields

Using Indexed Custom Fields

Reverting Settings to Defaults

Changing Picklist Values

Customizing Related Item Layouts

Customizing Static Page Layouts

Renaming Field Section Titles

Creating Web Applets

Defining Cascading Picklists

Managing Search Layouts

Managing List Access and List Order

Creating Homepage Custom Reports

Creating Record Homepage Layouts

Customizing the Audit Trail

Specifying Dynamic Page Layouts

Tasks for Application Setup

Displaying External Web Pages in Tabs

Creating and Managing Action Bar Layouts

Creating Global Web Applets

Uploading Client Side Extensions

Customizing My Homepage for Your Company

Creating New Themes

Enabling Custom Reports in My Homepage

Renaming Record Types

Changing the Icon for a Record Type

Adding Record Types

User Management and Access Controls

Setting Up Users

Setting Up Users' Sales Quotas

Setting Up Default Books by Record Type for a User

Changing a User's User ID

Resetting a User's Password

Reviewing Sign-In Activity for a User

Reviewing Security-Related Activities for Users

Managing Delegated Users (Administrator)

Creating Inventory Periods for Users

Deactivating Users

Setting Up Users (Partners)

Changing a User's User ID (Partners)

Resetting a User's Password (Partners)

Deactivating Users (Partners)

Process of Setting Up Access Profiles

Adding Roles

Setting Up Groups

Setting Up Territories

Process of Setting Up Books

Verifying Book Setup for the Administrator Role

Creating Book Types and Book User Roles

Configuring Record Ownership Modes

Creating Books and Book Hierarchies

Associating Users with Books

Creating Access Profiles for Books

Enabling Books for Your Company

Enabling Books for Users and User Roles

Adding Books to Record Detail Page Layouts

Assigning Records to Books

Business Process Management

Creating Processes

Adding Transition States to Processes

Restricting Processes

Configuring the Field Setup for Transition States

Enabling Access Controls for Related Record Types

Creating Workflow Rules

Creating Workflow Actions: Assign a Book

Creating Workflow Actions: Create Task

Creating Workflow Actions: Create Integration Event

Creating Workflow Actions: Send Email

Creating Workflow Actions: Update Values

Creating Workflow Actions: Wait

Changing the Order of Workflow Rule Actions

Changing the Order of Workflow Rules

Deactivating Workflow Rules and Actions

Deleting Workflow Rules and Actions

Viewing Workflow Instances

Deleting Instances from the Workflow Monitor

Setting Up Assignment Rules

Mapping Additional Fields During Lead Conversion

Creating Lead Conversion Layouts

Setting Up the Forecast Definition

Updating the Forecast Definition

Setting Up Sales Processes, Categories, and Coaches

Customizing Your Company's Industry List

Data Management Tools

Preparing for Data Importing

Linking Records During Import

Importing Your Data

Reviewing Import Results

Exporting Your Data

Reviewing Export Results

Oracle Migration Tool On Demand Client Utility

Oracle Data Loader On Demand Client Utility

Creating Integration Event Queues

Managing Integration Event Settings

Administering Personal Extract Definitions

Content Management

Setting Up Product Categories

Setting Up Company Products

Setting Up Price Lists for PRM

Managing Your Company's Attachments

Setting Up Assessment Scripts

Setting Up Report Folders

Web Services Integration

Downloading WSDL and Schema Files

Reviewing Web Services Utilization

Life Sciences Management

Managing Smart Calls

Setting the Maximum Number of Times Contacts Can be Sampled Without a Valid State License

Authorizing Contacts to Receive Samples

Additionally, administrators can usually do the following:

  • Create custom reports for their own use or for company-wide distribution. For instructions, see Reports.
  • Create filtered lists for company-wide distribution. For instructions, see Working with Lists.

For information about using Oracle On Demand Expression Builder, see Expression Builder.

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