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Application Customization

Your company probably has specific requirements for how data is gathered and recorded, what terminology is used, and how information needs to be presented so that employees have what they need to be productive. Application customization lets you customize Oracle CRM On Demand to meet your company requirements, including page layout, field management, and list access requirements.

The following examples illustrate some ways in which you can customize the application:

Example 1: You might want all of your sales representatives to include an email address on all of their contact records. The best way to make sure that this requirement is met is to make the Email field a required field. Then, anyone who creates a new contact record cannot save it unless it includes an email address.

Example 2: You have two groups of employees that each need to track different information on an account page. You can meet this requirement by creating a different account page layout for each group and providing the appropriate access through role assignment.

The Application Customization page has two sections:

Before you begin:

  • To perform the application customization procedures, your role must include the Customize Application privilege.
  • Make sure you understand your business needs:
    • Talk with your business owners to understand their business processes and needs for the application.
    • Determine the fields, display names, values for picklists, and other custom fields required to support their needs.
    • Determine how the fields should be laid out on the interface and what fields must be marked as required.
    • Use the Field Setup and Page Layout templates, available in the Tools and Templates area of the Training and Support Center, to help you document your application customization requirements.

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