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Attachment Related Items

NOTE: This topic applies only to attachments that are linked to records through the preconfigured Attachments related item. For a list of the record types that support the preconfigured Attachments related item, see About Attachments.

The following table describes field information for a file or URL that you attach as a related item on a record. Some fields appear on the Detail pages for the record type you are attaching the file to; other fields appear on the Attachment Edit page.

Review the information in the following table to make sure your file meets the file size and file type requirements.




For a file attachment, this field shows the path and filename of the attached file.

Attachment Name

The name you want to use to identify the file or URL.

Size (in Bytes)

For a file attachment, the file size. The file size must be less than 9 megabytes (MB). If the attachment is a URL, the Size field shows a value of 2 kilobytes (KB) by default.


For a file attachment, this field shows the file type, such as .doc for a Microsoft Word document. For your data protection and security, the application does not allow you to attach files with the .exe file extension.

For a URL attachment, it displays URL.


For a URL attachment, this field contains the complete URL address. The maximum allowed length of the URL address is 200 characters.

Created By

The alias of the person who first attaches the file to the record. The value in this field is system-generated.

Modified By

The name of the person who updates the record followed by the date and time it is updated. The value in this field is system-generated.

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