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Note Edit Page

The Note Edit page lets you add a note to a record or update information in an existing note. It shows the complete set of fields for a note record. The following table describes the fields on the Note Edit page.




A required text field where you enter a brief description of the content or purpose of the note.


If you are the creator of the note, then the Private check box works as follows:

  • If you select the Private check box, then only you can see the note.
  • If you do not select the Private check box, or if you deselect the check box after it was previously selected, then anyone with access to the record can see the note on the record.

If you select the Private check box on a note that you did not create, then only the creator of the note can see the note after you save your changes. You and other users will not be able to see the note. However, your name appears in the Owner field of the note.


The content of the note. The maximum number of characters allowed is 16,350.

NOTE: Different restrictions apply when you import notes into Oracle CRM On Demand (see Note Fields: Import Preparation).

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