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Creating a Deal Registration from an Opportunity

You can create a deal registration from an opportunity.

Note: This feature is available only in Oracle CRM On Demand Partner Relationship Management Edition.

Before you begin. In the standard edition of Oracle CRM On Demand, the Deal Registrations section is not displayed on the Opportunity Detail page. To add it to the Opportunity Detail page, your company administrator must grant read-only access to the related information for opportunities for your role. Then you must click the Edit Layout link on the Opportunity Detail page, and add the deal registration as a Related Information section (see Changing Your Detail Page Layout).

To create a deal registration from an opportunity

  1. Select the opportunity.

    For information on selecting opportunities, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Opportunity Detail page, scroll down to the Deal Registrations related information, and click New.
  3. In the Deal Registration Edit page, enter the required information.

    For information on the fields, see Deal Registration Fields. For information on associating existing deal registrations with existing opportunities and to change existing associations between the two, see Associating Deal Registrations with Opportunities.

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