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Personalized Content Delivery

This topic introduces the Personalized Content Delivery (PCD) features available with Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition.

About Personalized Content Delivery

Personalized Content Delivery (PCD) is Oracle's closed-loop marketing solution for electronic detailing presentations. PCD enables sales and marketing organizations to manage digital content, create messaging plans, and distribute these messaging plans to the field sales force. Sales organizations can then deliver tailored presentations to customers while automatically capturing customer response metrics to be passed back to the marketing organization for closed loop analysis. PCD is required for delivering presentations and capturing customer-response metrics.

Scenario for Using PCD

Oracle CRM On Demand PCD enables users to:

  • Manage digital content
  • Manage Messaging Plans
  • Store Customer Responses to Messaging Plans

The intended users of the Oracle CRM On Demand PCD solution are product managers, sales operations managers, and others who develop collateral for use by a sales force.

The following scenario provides an overview of how the PCD functionality is intended to be used:

  1. Manage Digital Content

    Digital content (graphics files) are first attached to a solution record. While PCD supports a wide range of graphic formats, the most common format is a SWF file, which enables rich media presentations. A corresponding thumbnail image (typically a PNG, GIF, or JPG file) would also be attached to the same solution record to provide for a compact graphical representation of the larger media file. The solution record includes fields for metadata about the attached file, such as expiration date, and whether it has received marketing and legal approval.

    To set up solution records, see Solutions.

  2. Manage Messaging Plans

    After attaching graphics files to Solution records, users create messaging plans, consisting of a collection of media files arranged to communicate a sales message. Users specify a sequence of messaging plan items that make up a messaging plan. Each messaging plan item corresponds to a Solution record and its associated digital content, and also includes related media files that a presenter can use to go into more detail on a given topic. Whereas a Solution record consists of a digital media file that can be used for multiple messaging plans, a messaging plan item represents a unique instance of a given Solution media file, with metadata specific to the use of a media file for a particular messaging plan.

    To set up a messaging plan and its associated records, see Messaging Plans, Messaging Plan Items, and Messaging Plan Item Relations.

  3. Store Customer Response to Messaging Plans

    Messaging Plans are delivered in an application external to Oracle CRM On Demand. Oracle CRM On Demand receives audience feedback from the external application and stores this information. Such feedback is stored for discrete periods in the delivery of the messaging plan and can also be associated with predefined responses.

    To set up message responses, see Adjusting Message Responses.

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