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Usage Notes on Subject Areas

This topic provides information about date and time subject areas, and quota periods.

Date and Time Subject Areas

Periods in your reports might be based on your company's fiscal calendar, which might differ from a standard calendar. For example, your company's fiscal year might begin on 1 June of each calendar year. If your company has recently changed its fiscal calendar year method in Oracle CRM On Demand, then review carefully historical analyses if they span multiple years. Data in reports based on your previous fiscal calendar method cannot be aligned with data using a new fiscal calendar method.

Quota Periods

Reports that include quota information by year use the closing month of the year. Whereas on the Quota screen, the year shows the starting month of the quota period, which is different from reports. For example, if the quota period runs from November 2009 to January 2010, then the Quota screen shows the year as 2009, but the reports show the year as 2010.

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