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Using Lead Qualification Scripts

Your company administrator might have set up assessment scripts to help you to evaluate leads for qualification. A Lead Qualification script consists of a series of questions that you use to collect customer data. Your responses are scored, assigned a weighting, and compared with a specified threshold to determine the appropriate outcome or course of action.

CAUTION: If a Lead Qualification script attempts to set the Status field on a lead to Qualified, it cannot do so unless the Rating and Sales Person fields on the lead are filled in. If these fields are not filled in, an error message is displayed, and the script assumes the lead has failed to meet the threshold. The script then sets the Status field according to the results defined on the script for failing to meet the threshold.

Before you begin. To use assessment scripts, your user role must be set up to allow access to the assessment records. For more information about the required settings, see About Assessment Scripts.

To use a lead qualification script

  1. Select the lead.

    For more information on selecting leads, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Lead Detail page, scroll down to the Lead Qualification Scripts section, and click Add.

    NOTE: If the Lead Qualification Scripts section is not shown, click the Edit Layout link in the upper-right corner of the page, and add the Lead Qualification Scripts section to your page layout. This section is only available if the company administrator has set up a Lead Qualification script.

  3. In the Lookup window, search for the appropriate script, and click Select. You can use the filter fields at the top of the Lookup window to filter the list of scripts.
  4. In the Lead Qualification Scripts window, select the answer for each script question, and click Save.

    The Lead Detail page appears again. Depending on the outcome of the script, some of the fields on the record might have been updated automatically.

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