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About Custom Web Applets

Custom Web applets allow you to embed external Web content within:

  • A record type’s Details page
  • A record type's Homepage
  • My Homepage
  • The Action bar

You can create three types of Web applet, which allows you to embed different types of Web content:

  • Feed. Used to embed RSS feeds. For example, you might want to embed a news feed on My Homepage.

    Note: Only the RSS 2.0 standard is supported.

  • HTML. Used to embed HTML code. For example, use this Web applet to embed Web widgets from an external source such as Google Maps.
  • URL. Used to embed the content available at the specified URL in an applet within Oracle CRM On Demand. For example, you might have a custom Web applet on the Lead Details page that allows you to see a Google search on that lead's name.

You can add a Web applet for any record type for which the Page Layout links are visible.

There are two advantages to creating a custom Web applet rather than a custom Web tab:

  • A custom Web applet that is displayed on a page, such as Lead Details, allows you to view data on the Details page together with other contextual data. On the other hand, if your external data is viewed using a Web tab, when you click the Web tab, you are directed away from the Details page, and redirected to the Web tab page.
  • Your company might have a great deal of information that you want to display, for example, portfolio holdings. Custom Web applets allow you to show a large amount of data from another Web site without requiring you to load information in to Oracle CRM On Demand. Loading large amounts of data in to Oracle CRM On Demand requires integration tools to manage large numbers of data columns.

For information about creating Web applets for a record type, see Creating Web Applets. For information about creating Web applets for My Homepage, see Creating Global Web Applets.

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