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About Fiscal Calendars

Two types of fiscal calendar are available in Oracle CRM On Demand:

  • Standard Fiscal Calendar. If your fiscal year follows a common calendar (for example, calendar quarters, 5-4-4, 4-4-5), you can use this calendar type in your company profile.
  • Custom Fiscal Calendar. If your company follows a different calendar, such as 4-5-4, you can define a custom fiscal calendar in Oracle CRM On Demand.

If you use either a standard fiscal calendar or a custom fiscal calendar, a fiscal year is defined once for your company. Each fiscal calendar type automatically allows you to use the defined fiscal periods in Oracle CRM On Demand.

Standard Fiscal Calendars

Standard fiscal calendars are periods that follow a commonly defined calendar, such as a Gregorian calendar, and can start on any day of any month of the year. If you use a standard fiscal calendar in Oracle CRM On Demand, you select one of the following calendar types:

  • Calendar Quarters
  • 4-4-5 calendar model
  • 5-4-4 calendar model

When using standard fiscal calendars, Oracle CRM On Demand automatically generates your fiscal periods up to the year 2020. You can view the settings for your standard fiscal calendar, but you cannot change them. If you want to change your calendar definition, contact Customer Care. Customer Care populates your fiscal calendar with data and specifies your calendar type when your company is being set up.

NOTE: Any changes made to your fiscal year definition are not reflected in Oracle CRM On Demand Reports until a full ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is run.

To view a standard fiscal calendar definition

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Company Administration section, click the Company Profile link.
  3. In the Company Settings section, review the following fields:
    • Fiscal Year Start Month
    • Fiscal Year Start Date
    • Fiscal Calendar Type

NOTE: When changes are made to the definition of a standard fiscal calendar , Oracle CRM On Demand updates all data in reports. However, Oracle CRM On Demand updates only future data in forecasts.

Custom Fiscal Calendars

Custom fiscal calendars are available in Oracle CRM On Demand to accommodate companies that do not use standard calendar months or a common fiscal calendar. Your company administrator defines custom fiscal calendars. You must create a custom fiscal calendar record for each year for which you want to create business plans, objectives, forecasts, or time-based analyses in Oracle CRM On Demand. For more information on defining custom fiscal calendars, see Defining a Custom Fiscal Calendar.

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