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About the Oracle Migration Tool On Demand Client Utility

The Oracle Migration Tool On Demand client is a command-line utility, which eliminates the need to copy customized configurations manually from Oracle CRM On Demand environment to another environment. For example, you might want to copy customized configurations from a customer test environment to a production environment. You can use this client utility with the Administration Services, which is a set of administration Web services, to automate the administration of your company's configurations. This client utility enables you to extract and import specific configuration information directly to and from your computer. You can import the configurations immediately or in batch mode. The Administration Services enable client applications to access the configurations. You can import the following configurations:

  • Access profiles
  • Field management definitions
  • Custom record types
  • Custom Web tabs
  • Picklists
  • Cascading picklists
  • Custom Web links
  • Action bars
  • Homepage layouts
  • Page layouts
  • Roles

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