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Access Profile Management

In Oracle CRM On Demand, you manage access profiles in the Access Profiles List page and in the Access Profile Wizard. You access the access profile pages from the global Admin link, which is available on every page in Oracle CRM On Demand.

An access profile in Oracle CRM On Demand is a named collection of permissions on primary record types and related record types.

A primary record type is a record type that can be used as an independent record type. A related record type is a record type that must have a parent record.

Many primary record types can also be used as related record types. For example, Opportunities is a related record type. It is based on the Opportunity primary record type and is related to parent account records that are based on the Account record type.

A permission is the ability to read, create, update, or delete data on records that are instances of record types. Permissions are also referred to as access rights or access levels. For each record type, such as accounts, contacts, service requests, and so on, you can set up permissions for the record type itself. For some record types, you can also set up permissions for related record types.

You can set up many access profiles consisting of different permissions for primary record types and related record types. To grant these permissions to authenticated users (including external systems), you associate the access profiles with roles, books, teams, and groups.

Oracle CRM On Demand provides a set of predefined access profiles. The following are some of the standard access profiles:

  • Edit
  • Full
  • ReadOnly
  • Administrator Default Access Profile
  • Administrator Owner Access Profile

Typically, access profiles are named to distinguish between default access profiles and owner access profiles. (In the list of predefined access profiles, there are pairs of access profiles with the terms Default and Owner in their names.) These terms help you to identify which access profiles to use in the access profile assignments on user roles, where an owner access profile and a default access profile must be assigned.

The Edit, Full, and ReadOnly access profiles are generic access profiles that can be granted to any role, team, or book member. For example, you can assign the Full access profile to the Owner Access Profile of the Administrator role. This profile gives a user who has the Administrator role the ability to create related records on top-level records, and to retrieve, update, or delete records of all primary record types and their related record types.

You can use the predefined access profiles, edit the existing access profiles, and create custom access profiles to meet the requirements of your company. When creating a new access profile, you have the option of copying an existing access profile, giving it a new name, and then editing the copy to meet your requirements.

To view, create or revise access profiles at your company, your role must include the Manage Users and Access privilege. It is recommended that only company administrators are given the privilege required to manage access profiles, because access profiles directly affect the security of protected data.

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