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Adding Columns to Reports

When creating or modifying reports in Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, you add columns until your report contains all the data that you want.

NOTE: The periods in your reports might be based on your company's fiscal calendar, which might be different from a standard calendar. For example, your company's fiscal year might begin on 1 June of each calendar year. If your company has recently changed its fiscal calendar year in Oracle CRM On Demand, then you must review historical analyses carefully if they span multiple years. Data in reports that is based on your previous fiscal calendar cannot be aligned with data using a new fiscal calendar.

To add columns to your report

  1. In Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, in the Active Subject Area section, expand the Column lists to display the columns that you can include in the reports.
  2. Click the columns that you want to include in the report.

    NOTE: You can remove a column from the report by clicking the X icon within that column. You can change the order of columns by dragging them to the new location and dropping them.

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