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Adding Contact State Licenses

A license to practice medicine is used to validate signatures for samples that are dropped off by a sales representative (for example, a pharmaceutical sales representative) to a contact (for example, a physician). A physician must have a valid medical license for the state in which the physician practices medicine. A contact state license record captures the license information for the contact, typically a physician.

To add a state license record for a contact, complete the following procedure.

NOTE: If you do not see the Contact State License related item section in your Contact Detail page, add that related item section as described in Customizing Related Item Layouts, or contact your company administrator. This feature is available in Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition only.

To add a contact state license

  1. From the Contact Detail page, scroll to the Contact State License section, and click New.
  2. Complete the fields in the following table and save the record.




    The contact for this state license record, typically a physician or pharmaceutical representative. Use the Book selector to choose a contact.

    License Number

    The license number for the contact, for example, PS4231732. (Required.)


    The U.S. state or jurisdiction associated with the license number. Use the picklist list to select the state, for example, NJ for New Jersey.

    NOTE: If your jurisdiction is non-U.S., this field is not required.

    Expiration Date

    The date when the license expires (MM/DD/YYYY), for example, 10/31/2009. Click the calendar icon to select the expiration date.


    The status of the license (Active or Inactive). Choose the status using the picklist.

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