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Adding Fund Participants

When you create a fund record, you become the owner by default. Next you want to add fund participants. Adding someone as a fund participant allows that person to view the fund record and submit fund requests against the fund.

Before you begin. For users to appear on the list of eligible fund participants, they must first be set up as active users of Oracle CRM On Demand High Tech Edition.

To add a fund participant

  1. Select the fund.

    For instructions on selecting funds, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Fund Detail page, scroll down to the Fund Participants section and click Add Participant.

    NOTE: You might have to add the Fund Participants section to your layout. For information on changing the layout, see Changing Your Detail Page Layout.

  3. On the Add Fund Participant page, click the Lookup icon, and select the user.

    The user list consists of all people using Oracle CRM On Demand High Tech Edition.

  4. Save the record.

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